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Josť Gomes' Phonecards Collection 


Venezuela's phonecards


Zodiac's phonecards


I am  Josť Manuel Gomes and I live in Caracas (Venezuela). I collect phonecards about Zodiacs (Chinese and western), Christmas, Calendar, Animals and others.

This is my page with my collection of Venezuela's phonecards, Zodiac and Xmas phonecards.

 If you have a phonecards and you want send or if you want to swap with me, please write to

The rules in order to swap are:

  • First, you send the phonecards that we agree. When I receive them, I send the requested phonecards.

  • The phonecards should be under good conditions (not bent, not lined neither rasped).

To be careful with people that I have in my Black List. They are not advisable.

Christmas' phonecards

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